TEMPEST Hardened IT Equipment


TEMPEST products for all applications

We offer a broad portfolio of standard, industry leading TEMPEST equipment for use in all applications, from clean office deployment to harsh, rugged and challenging environments.

In addition we offer quick-turn design of custom TEMPEST products to meet your most unique requirements.

Our TEMPEST solutions are based on market leading OEM IT equipment which are then uplifted, redesigned and tested to be fully certified to global TEMPEST standards. 

We remain close to the major OEM suppliers, understand their product life-cycles and in turn, help you make the right product choice.


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TEMPEST Mobile & Rugged Laptops

TEMPEST is often seen as the cyber security blind spot, yet it still poses a very real threat to organisations around the world

TEMPEST Voice and Video
TEMPEST Networking
TEMPEST Fly-Away Kit